Coordination Is Key Running Through Joggernauts at PAX West

The first of two games we got to try out with Graffiti Games at PAX West was a familiar little title called Joggernauts. We’ve actually run into this game a couple of times here and there, and we believe the last time was at PAX East in a very brief introduction as we were running between appointments. The game is pretty simple but it can be hard as hell to master. You and a buddy control two characters of different colors. An obstacle course will be set up for you to constantly run through with no stopping or reversing. Using a specific button on the controller, you will swap place with each other to cross over the right color. If you fail to do so, you lose lives.

credit//Graffiti Games

This game is pretty easy to grasp at first but then it just toys with your soul. There are moments of joy in Joggernauts when you manage to snag the right color combo and work it out well. But then they are dashed the minute you mess up and are killing yourselves of quickly. This is an awesome party game for 1-4 players coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year.

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