Cocktails Over Coruscant II: Star Wars Libations at Dragon Con

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When Star Wars costumers get together at Dragon Con, it’s always an experience. Add in Imperial Officers and cocktails at one of the skybars in the Hilton host hotel, you’ve got all the makings of a cosplayer’s dream.

The Cocktails Over Coruscant [year two, actually] evening libation event is put on by the Imperial Officer Cosplay group; while it is a ‘closed’ group on Facebook, it *is* open to anyone with a uniform to join, and is independent of the 501st and Rebel Legion Star Wars cosplay groups.

These photos come courtesy of our friend Benn Robbins of Robbins Studios Photography and Fine Art, along with more insight into the shindig:

We had over 50 Imperial Officers four twi’leks Darth Vader, Tarkin, Galen Erso, a grand Admiral along with the Officers, commodore and even the wait staff wore “Tarkin Initiative” patches on their uniforms. And there was a commemorative challenge coin given out to all who participated.

Cocktails Over Coruscant came together with the help of Nathan Pata, Garet JonesBrandon Abell,  and Bob Herron [“Whos’ dream this was”].

Robbins was also kind enough to share an image of the patches and coin that were handed out to participants:

Here’s the gallery of photos Robbins shared with us for your perusal, enjoyment, and inspiration for future Dragon Con social interactions:

Dragon Con happens over Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia and usually has some of the most impressive cosplay collections in the entire country. (Yes, we stand by that statement.)

Keep an eye out for additional Dragon Con cosplay galleries and news throughout the weekend, thanks again to the Imperial Officers Cosplay group for sharing their evening with us.

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