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Captain America #3 Publishes a Defence for Fascism

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We’ve mentioned that Captain America by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Yu is the sequel to Secret Empire that Marvel Comics tried to avoid for some time. And probably was intended to have followed straight after that series.

Well, issue 3 goes to the heart of Secret Empire, in which a Nazi/Hydra version of Captain America gained power through legal means and turned the USA into a fascist state, There was a get out clause for the population of the USA that they were influenced by chemicals in the water supply in order to support the state, but Coates has decided not to let people use that get out clause.

And instead look at a pragmatic rationale for accepting fascism — that they make the trains run on time.

The question is asked, would you accept a fascist state if people got fed, educated, got jobs, got healthcare, got the things that many people cared about — even if it occurred through abhorrent means?

In Captain America we meet an ordinary working “Joe” who would.

It may be the economy, stupid. But do the means justify the ends? Opening the mines — even if there’s nothing to mine, and hoping that will create support to defend the indefensible?

Sometimes what matters to one person matters… less to another. And I am sure that Coates welcomes people to apply this kind of quandary to other political or moral issues in their lives or of their time.

(W) Ta-Nehisi Coates (A) Leinil Francis Yu (CA) Alex Ross
•  Cap and the Black Panther embark on a daring raid into the heart of the Nuke army, while Sharon Carter takes on a secret mission into danger!
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