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Marvel Comics Abandons Monsters Unleashed Trademark

Posted by September 4, 2018 Comment

It was a legal case with plenty of back and forth. But Marvel’s attempts to trademark the phrase “Monsters Unleashed” for comic books has been abandoned.

The comic, published by Marvel for a year in 2016 and 2017 and based on a previous 1970s comic book (in name only), saw Marvel register its name as a trademark.

However, Monster Energy Drinks objected to the trademark, stating that it would conflict with their own trademarks Monster Energy and Unleash The Beast.

Marvel offered a compromise, amending their application to be more specific to their comic books but Monster Energy Drinks rejected such compromise and made a counterclaim.

But last month, it seems, Marvel decided that it wasn’t worth the candle. They weren’t publishing the comic book anymore, and the benefit of further litigation was less obvious.

So a deal was done, Marvel terminated their application with the approval of Monster Energy Drinks, and any counterclaim went away with that.

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