Fascists No More? 25 Upcoming DC Comics Variant Covers from Guillem March, Jim Lee, Mark Brooks, Jenny Frison, and More

Check out these upcoming DC Comics covers for upcoming titles. As ever, you may have seen some of them – but you won’t have seen most of them…

Ever since DC Rebirth began, DC Comics has been running variant covers for all their ongoing series, monthly and twice-monthly, with a regular variant artist for each title. However, they rarely run the variant covers with the initial solicitation or the second standard cover for twice-monthly comics. This is where Bleeding Cool comes in, hoovering them up every month and presenting them to the viewing public for your delectation and pull-list planning purposes.

Okay, so which of these covers might move the needle as to which comics you may or may not pick up next month? The ‘Fascists No More’ for Harley Quinn may be a clarion call…

Judge those books by their covers and tweet/Facebook/reddit out your favourites. Just feel free to link back to the rest of them…

Time to dive deep!

Hawkman #6 by Matteo Scalera.

Harley Quinn #49 by Guillem March.

Harley Quinn #51 by Frank Cho.

Harley Quinn #51 by Guillem March.

Harley Quinn #54 by Guillem March.

Titans #26 by Jonboy Meyers.

Titans #26 by Brandon Peterson.

Titans #27 by José-Luis.

Titans #28 by Phil Jimenez.

Titans #28 by Leonardo Manco.

Suicide Squad #47 by Francesco Mattina.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #27 by Yasmine Putri.

Nightwing #50 by Jonboy Meyers.

Nightwing #50 by Greg Capullo.

Green Lanterns #57 by Mike Perkins.

Wonder Woman #55 by Jenny Frison.

Wonder Woman #55 by David Yardin.

The Wild Storm #17 by James Harren.

Justice League Odyssey #3 by Terry and Rachel Dodson.

Justice League #8 by Jim Lee.

Justice League #8 by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

Detective Comics #989 by Mark Brooks.

Detective Comics #989 by Stephen Segovia.

Batman Beyond #24 by Dave Johnson.

Batgirl #27 by Joshua Middleton.

Action Comics #1003 by Francis Manapul.

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