Here’s How to Watch the Dragon Con Parade This Morning

Posted by September 1, 2018 Comment

Those who attend Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, GA know that DCTV (Dragon Con TV) is a special kind of magic that no other convention has managed to capture with the same magic.

One of the best things about DCTV (aside from the fact that you, from the comfort of your own home can watch what we in the host hotels are watching) is the offerings of panels, and the annual Saturday morning parade. The parade is super impressive, and if you’ve never had the pleasure of watching it live, do yourself a favor and watch the DCTV livestream on their Facebook page this morning.

And then buy yourself the subscription to the streaming offerings, because it’s worth it.

You can watch the parade coverage here on the official DCTV Facebook page.

(Last Updated September 1, 2018 1:53 pm )