Electronic Arts to Host a Jacksonville Tribute Fund and Livestream After Shooting

Madden publisher Electronic Arts has announced the Jacksonville Tribute Fund and Livestream today which is meant to honor the victims of the recent shooting in Jacksonville, FL. The shooting occurred during the Madden NFL 19 tournament this weekend when a competitor opened fire on the assembled competitors and spectators.

As part of the tribute, EA is donating $1 million USD to the families of those affected by the shooting including the families of victims’ Taylor Robertson and Elijah Clayton. Both Robertson and Clayton were top-ranked Madden players competing at the event. The Jacksonville Fund will also allow everyday citizens to donate to the families alongside EA’s contribution.

In addition to the fund itself, EA will be hosting a livestream in the victims’ honor in one week on September 6, 2018. No details on what the stream will entail have been announced.

In response to the tragedy at their event, EA has promised to postpone further Madden tournaments until further notice. The publisher has also vowed to increase security once the events resume. EA CEO Andrew Wilson released a statement this morning calling the attack a “senseless act of violence.”

The statement announcing the Jacksonville Tribute Fund and Livestream echoed Wilson’s sentiments. You can read that statement below.

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