International Read Comics In Public Day – Voice Of The Hall by Sean Azzopardi

It is Jack Kirby‘s birthday today. He would have been 101. Which means it is also International Read Comics in Public Day.

Oh go on then. I’m going to read an advance copy of The Voice Of The Hall by Sean Azzopardi, a history of Hornsea Town Hall funded by the Arts Council and published by Soaring Penguin Press. You’ll believe a town hall can fly…

Or rather it’s history not only of the town hall but of Britain, its culture and cultural outlook, the changing face of a population from a building whose face doesn’t really change at all. From the events held within to the graffiti daubed over the top, it’s a personal story, giving voice to a community through the building that has stood there through their lives. And around which political machinations expand and explode leading to a very different place entirely as it is sold from public to private hands.

Can’t think of a better comic book to read in public than one that sums up what public service is meant to be. It’s published next month and I think it’s a great example of what the comics medium can do – but rarely does.

So what are you going to read?

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