Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes for Venom, Captain Marvel, Shatterstar, and More

As ever, there are always a few changes twixt solicitation and publication…

Ty Templeton has joined the previously-solicited Mario Del Pennino on Marvel Super-Heroes Adventures: Captain Marvel: First Day of School, out next week.

And the weekly series Venom: First Host, first solicited with art by Mark Bagley, then with Ron Lim for subsequent issues past Venom: First Host #1, will now see Paco Diaz replace Ron Lim on Venom: First Host #4 and #5.

Shatterstar #1 will now be drawn by Gerardo Sandoval, in addition to the previously solicited Carlos Villa, that creative team continuing in issue 2.

Life of Captain Marvel #4 will now be drawn by Marguerite Sauvage, in addition to the previously solicited Carlos Pacheco as with #5.

And Sentry #5 will now just be drawn by Joshua Cassara, not Kim Jacinto.


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