Pathfinder’s “War for the Crown” Has Now Been Added to Roll 20

Roll 20 was happy to announce today that the Pathfinder adventure module “War for the Crown” has officially been added to their system. This is a pretty dope adventure to play that has a lot of intrigue and combat, not to mention some brilliant storytelling from an RPG perspective. We have the full description and purchasing details for you below.

As the heroes return to Taldor, they discover that strange seeds have finally borne fruit – conspiracy has laid their patron low. They must now face the cunning secret society, the Immaculate Circle, and put an end to its immortal machinations, finding new enemies along their path. To finally set the world right and end the War for the Crown, the heroes must confront not one but six of Taldor’s greatest emperors, resurrected from the past! Can the heroes survive, or will Taldor’s past sins forever define its future?

The War for the Crown Adventure Path from Paizo takes place over the course of six sequential modules, all of which string together to make one epic story full of twists, turns, and tribulations. It kicks off with Crownfall ($27.99 USD) which plunges the nation of Taldor into massive political upheaval as the emperor’s death ignites the possibility of civil war.

Along the full Adventure Path, players will see their allies rise and fall and new opponents emerge from the shadows until the final conflict arrives in The Six-Legend Soul ($24.99 USD), the last chapter released on Roll20 today. Every monster has a complete character sheet with click-to-roll actions and stands ready to battle on fully converted digital campaign maps enhanced by Roll20’s signature Dynamic Lighting and Advanced Fog of War.

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