Yes, Really: ‘The Last Sharknado’ May Be the Best Sharknado

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Love or hate them, there is no denying the cultural… something that SYFY’s original film series Sharknado has been. Mixing the camp of “SYFY movies” with the limited CGI budget effects of a high school AV Club, the Ian Ziering starring series of films came to a conclusion tonight with The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time, the sixth to carry the fin-tastic cyclone name.

Yes, it’s about time travel, and you will not be disappointed. This is exactly when this franchise works best; the more absolutely ridiculous, the better. Turns out the Sheppard family can now travel through time, and yes, there are plenty of Back to the Future jokes to be had.

The script, like previous entries into the series, is peppered with recognizable lines from across pop culture, as well as visual gags of Westeros proportions. Like Tara Reid riding a freaking dinosaur a la Daenerys, and all the amazing cameos this time.

Dee Snider (frontman of Twisted Sister) plays a wild west Sheriff in search of Billy the Kid, Neil DeGrasse Tyson plays Merlin the wizard, and there’s even a 90210 reunion that’ll make you snort with laughter.

The plot is just as convoluted as you think it is, but you’ll laugh so hard during the film you won’t mind the ridiculous premise and cgi shark-stravaganza.

At this time, SYFY does say this will be the last entry into the Sharknado series, but only time will tell.

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