Six Major Paris 2018: Finals – G2 Esports vs. Evil Geniuses

Here we are, the end of the road in Paris as all roads have led these skilled Rainbow Six Siege teams to the Six Major Paris. There’s a lot we could say about the specific paths chosen to get here, but the final match is a good ol’ North America vs. Europe final as we see G2 Esports face off against Evil Geniuses for the championship.

Finals Championship Match: G2 Esports vs. Evil Geniuses

The opening volleys of this fight felt like two heavyweight fighters testing each other’s skills, as G2 and EG traded off a couple of victories early on. But the rest of the opening round was hard to watch as G2 pulled out all the old tricks for the Bank map and rolled over EG for the easy first point on their road to three.

After that deflating round, EG fought back starting off with a strong opening match on Consulate to go up 1-0. G2 slaughtered their attempt to crash back as attackers to tie it up 1-1. G2 had a harder go at it in the third match but managed to go up 2-1, followed by a quick shutdown of EG for G2 to make it even again. It was all downhill from there as G2 racked up four wins in a row with most of them being hotly contested. But EG didn’t have much of an answer for them as they went down in a heap and G2 picked up their second point.

While members of the crowd were giving EG an ovation in hopes of seeing the underdogs of this match come back, it was all for naught, as G2 basically showed they owned Border on defense. As much as we were hoping to see a contest that was much more involved and drawn out, it was painful to see what felt like EG bringing rocks to fight against machine guns. While they didn’t make the victories easy, they again fell in a 6-2 loss in the third round, giving the European team of G2 a sweeping victory to become the 2018 Six Major Paris Champions.

Winner: G2 Esports (3-0)

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