A G-Rated Deadpool: The Guano Guy

A G-Rated Deadpool: The Guano Guy

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Mark Darden writes:

Hi, I’m Mark Darden, the creator of The Guano Guy comic. And if you’re like, what the heck is Guano Guy, well, it’s like Seinfeld with superpowers, a G-rated Deadpool, or something akin to Cartoon Network in print form. It’s also a mix of The Tick, Batman ’66, and Disney Cartoons.

Now, Guano Guy isn’t the average superhero. He looks at saving people like a sport he’s trying to win. He’s more concerned with social media success than actually stopping crime. And he has emotional debates with his mirror because he’s run out of sidekicks to talk to. But he also has a slew of witty banter and a ton of pouches, so how can he lose?

Guano Guy’s biggest enemy is his rival Mr. Marvelous Man; a good-natured idiot who just keeps winning without even trying. His closest ally is a career driven reporter who’s out to make a name for herself as the premier superhero insider. But who knows what the future may bring — possibly an army of sidekicks hell-bent on getting revenge for the mistreatment they suffered.

Now, Guano Guy isn’t the book I originally set out to make. I sought at first to make a dark and gritty world about heroes on the run against an overwhelming enemy. But I quickly realized I didn’t have an enemy or even an overall plot for that kind of story. Ultimately I was trying to make something that wasn’t me. My two real passions were comic books and sitcoms, so marrying the two made a lot of sense.

I started writing one-to-four-page short stories with a Sunday morning newspaper comic feel. They all had the set-up and punchline format, which I carried on to longer stories. The character of Guano Guy began as a mock or parody, but over time developed his own voice and personality, and I ended up writing so far ahead that I ended up with a wealth of stories that I need to get out. Hopefully I can continue to build an audience to read those stories.

Currently, I’m running a Kickstarter for my fifth issue. It’s reached 43% success in a few days, but there’s still a long ways to go. The project has a couple of awesome early bird rewards and a lot of fun options. At the end of the day I just want to entertain people and I hope that a silly book like Guano Guy gives people a laugh and a smile.

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