OpTic Gaming and Sansar Partner Up to Bring VR to Esports

We got an interesting partnership reveal this week from OpTic Gaming who announced they’ll be working with Sansar to bring VR to esports. The two companies have launched a new virtual reality clubhouse that will be known as Greenwall VR, which will allow fans to interact with OpTic’s staff and players in a VR space where they can hang out, check out live events, and even play VR games against them like beer pong and shuffleboard.

It’s basically as if OpTic Gaming setup their own neighborhood esports bar and everyone can check it out and say hello. If you’re a PC owner, you can log in and check the place out now at this link. We have a few quotes below from the press release they sent out.


“With fans and teams based all over the world, we wanted to create a truly immersive way for our community to come together as the Greenwall and feel like they’re a part of something bigger,” said Oslo Green, VP of VR at OpTic Gaming. “By introducing virtual reality to esports spectatorship, we’re taking the first steps into creating a grander, more immersive, and more modern approach to traditional sports fandom, community and interaction.”

“With Greenwall VR in Sansar, we’re really pushing the bounds of traditional spectatorship, and offering an experience that draws fans in – lets them interact together as a community beyond a chat stream,” says CEO Ebbe Altberg. “We’re absolutely thrilled to be elevating the esports fan experience with social VR, and we’re excited to find such a visionary partner in OpTic.”

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