Funko Reveals a Wave of Pops for The Predator, Coming This Fall

Funko Reveals a Wave of Pops for The Predator, Coming This Fall

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Predator fans are preparing to invade theaters on September 14th when Shane Black‘s new film hits. To help celebrate the release is, of course, a new wave of Funko Pops. There are actually quite a few new Pops in this wave; more than I was expecting. Not a bad thing, though — the more the better.

The hunt is on but the question is, are you the hunter or the hunted?
If you’re up against the creature from the 1987 sci fi action horror film
Predator, odds are you’re the prey. Laugh in the face of
imminent death with this line of Pop!s including the
titular creature with a one-in-six Chase, a Super Predator
(in case the Predator wasn’t sufficiently terrifying) and
a Predator Hound with a one-in-six Chase.

I don’t think I like the look of the hounds, but that’s just me. That whole concept gives me a weird “Hulk dog” vibes from Ang Lee‘s Hulk movie. Other than that, the fugitive and assassin Predators look awesome. One in six chases are a bit easier to find as well, so it may not be as hard to track those down.

Of course there will also be exclusives. The Funko Shop will have a version of Jacob Tremblay‘s Rory wearing the Predator mask, FYE will have a chrome version of the fugative, and Amazon will have a heat vision look for the hound. As much as I do not like the hound design, that exclusive looks awesome.

You can order some of these for yourself right now here.

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