Warren Ellis Teases ‘The Spark’ in The Wild Storm

Warren Ellis does love a tease, doesn’t he? Currently halfway through his 24-hour maxi-series The Wild Storm, recreating and repurposing Jim Lee‘s superhero line originally published by Image Comics, he let his audience know of a certain take on a certain co-created character, Jenny Sparks.

Sparks, the living embodiment of the zeitgeist of the 20th century, imbued with powers of electricity generation and control, came out of Stormwatch and led the team The Authority in a series of world-then-galaxy-then-dimensional changes before she died with the coming of the year 2000.

In The Wild Storm she has been reinterpreted as the spirit of the 21st century as Jennifer Mei Sparks with new powers, including teleportation through telecommunications, and of Asian descent.

But what “The Spark” means is anyone’s guess… Warren seems to suggest it is something. And there is an issue of The Wild Storm out this week… and the cover does have a certain electrical bolt quality to it.

Here are upcoming issues, including for this week…

(W) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Jon Davis-Hunt
What was Project Thunderbook? What did John Lynch do to the Thunderbook experimental subjects? Why did he shut it down and scatter them across America? Why isn’t Thunderbook subject Gloria Spaulding aging? Why do people act like she’s an alien? Well…alien is exactly what they made her at Thunderbook.In Shops: Aug 15, 2018 SRP: $3.99

(W) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Jon Davis-Hunt
Stephen Rainmaker was the most dangerous man John Lynch knew even before he was inducted into the Thunderbook program. So much so that nobody could quite define how Thunderbook changed him. On his trip around America to warn his old team, Lynch left Rainmaker until last- for a reason. This is the visit that Lynch always knew could kill him. Meanwhile, Marc Slayton is discovering new things about America, IO and Skywatch. In Shops: Sep 19, 2018

(W) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Jon Davis-Hunt
You can never go home again, but John Lynch needs to go somewhere to begin the last act of his life. Jack Hawksmoor never really had a home, especially since he became something other than human.  As the war between IO and Skywatch gets hot, Marc Slayton has somewhere for Lynch to go, and Jenny Sparks may have a new home for Jack Hawksmoor…and Angela Spica. In Shops: Oct 17, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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