Heroes of the Storm: HGC Western Clash 2018 – Grand Finals

Heroes of the Storm: HGC Western Clash 2018 – Grand Finals

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It’s been a long journey for both teams in the Heroes of the Storm: HGC Western Clash 2018, but today the brackets left us with two teams. On one side was Team Dignitas, who ran roughshod through the upper bracket and didn’t take a single loss in the tournament. And on the other side was Leftovers, who took a spill into the lower brackets halfway through and fought back against three other fallen teams to make it into the Grand Finals.

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Match 1

Because of the way the tournament is designed, TD already comes in with a bye victory in a best of seven series — so no matter what, Leftovers started off with a disadvantage. Knowing that was the case, they went for blood early by bringing in Diablo and rushed in, taking a quick six kills and raising the crowd’s spirits. Because everyone loves to root for an underdog. TD came in for some player kills, but the trade-off was nowhere near equal as Leftovers raged their way in to kill off another tower. TD fought back to hold them off and did more hero-trading before mounting a comeback and treading into enemy territory late in the match. TD managed to make the comeback after Leftovers got very ambitious with their attacks, leaving them open for a hard attack and the eventual defeat, putting DT up 2-0.

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Match 2

You know, when you’re fighting for a championship in Heroes of the Storm, Gazlowe isn’t exactly what you would call a first-round pick for a character — or even a second choice if your stuff got blocked. But Leftovers brought in a Gazlowe! That means either they had an interesting strategy, or they knew they were going to lose the match and decided to have fun while it happened. I thought about writing something more in-depth about this particular match, but to be honest, this was not a challenge. This wasn’t even an academic example of how to win a match. This felt like I was watching a murder in progress. I don’t care what anyone on Leftovers says about strategy, they threw that match away from the start and they knew it. Team Dignitas up 3-0.

Match 3

The last match was about as paint-by-the-numbers as you could make it. Leftovers made a valiant effort, but they left themselves open at key points and showed enough of their weaknesses in previous matches to make it an easy run for TD to conquer. You could have filmed that last match and turned it into a tutorial on how to win a competitive match on YouTube. No disrespect to the skills or the passion of Leftovers, but it simply comes down to the fact that they came to play while TD came to win. Congratulations to Team Dignitas on their victory in the Heroes of the Storm: HGC Western Clash.

Winner: Team Dignitas (4-0)

credit//Blizzard Entertainment

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