Steven Universe’s Zach Callison On Rose, Pink Diamond and Steven’s Struggle With Legacy

Sean Aitchison writes for Bleeding Cool from San Diego Comic-Con.

Steven Universe has had a big year; we learned that Rose was Pink Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire had the first lesbian wedding on a children’s animated series, and the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con brought news that a movie is heading our way. At the convention, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Steven Universe himself, Zach Callison at a roundtable interview, where I asked him his thoughts on the series’ latest story arc.

What was your reaction to learning that Rose was Pink Diamond?

At first it was like, “Awesome, that explains so much,” then it was like, “Wow, she’s [Rose] really kind of terrible in a lot of ways,” and then it was like, “Oh, I can’t tell anybody about this for over a year.” That was the one, two, three of it.

Steven’s had trouble differentiating and separating himself from his mother and her actions previously, do you think this reveal has made it worse, or maybe better?

Yeah, it definitely adds some complexity to the situation that has mental situation doesn’t need. The arc for Steven’s character is coming to terms with that, and this is just another wrench in the situation, so it probably gets worse before it gets better.

It’s been interesting slowly learning over time that she was very flawed and did some things that were morally questionable. I found that interesting. As beloved as Rose was at the beginning of the show — ‘cause the first time we really get to know her is in these romantic video tapes with Greg, and people are like, “Aw, Rose is so perfect.” — and [now] it’s like “Eh, I don’t know about that.”

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Thanks again to Zach for sitting down with me and for providing some very interesting thoughts on the series’ latest story arc. While we wait for more big reveals, revelations, and drama bombs, catch up on Steven Universe using the Cartoon Network App. 

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