Ashley Jensen Is the First to Join Disney’s Reboot of Lady and the Tramp

There are more reboots of classic Disney movies happening than we can keep track of. While fans are eagerly awaiting a first look at Aladdin or The Lion King, Disney has moved forward with their next reboot/remake project. According to Deadline Ashley Jensen has joined the cast of Lady and the Tramp. She will be voicing Jackie, a female version of Jack a Scottish Terrier and friend of Lady’s, in the new movie. Andrew Bujalski wrote the script for the adaptation.

Disney recently tapped The Lego Ninjago Movie director Charlie Bean to helm the live-action/CG hybrid update of the animated classic, which is a priority project for the studio’s as-yet-untitled streaming service slated to launch in late 2019.

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The Disney streaming service is going in with their own original movies. They have already announced Togo and their intention to bring the Anna Kendrick holiday movie Noelle to the streaming service as well. Lady and the Tramp marks the first movie based on an established property that isn’t looking to get a theatrical run. There are rumors that this movie could go into production as early as the end of the year and could be one of the movies that helps kick off the Disney streaming service.

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