Pokémon GO Players Reporting Failures with Zapdos Day Event

It didn’t take long for players to have a whole new set of issues with Pokémon GO, as their latest event is seeing some epic failures across the board. There’s an entire Reddit thread going on about the problems players have been dealing with, but to sum it up, the availability and the specialness about Zapdos aren’t that great.

First and foremost, several areas couldn’t find any Zapdos to collect, almost as if they were non-existent. The biggest case that people are pointing out is how there were none to find in the Azore Islands, and how Niantic game players in the region a generic response.

Pokémon GO Zapdos Day art

The other issue that people are currently dealing with is that the Shiny Zapdos in Pokémon GO isn’t all that special. Depending on who you ask, the Shiny versions don’t have that much going for it compared to the already Legendary creature the Zapdos is. In fact, one player comments that the regular version they caught is better than the Shiny. So, in essence, you go to all the trouble of trying to catch one and find out it isn’t more powerful or special than the others, it just has a different look. If you had a better experience with it, consider yourself in the minority.

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