X-Men Gold Annual #2 Pages Revealed at SDCC 2018

Info and Photos courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s Marcos Salinas:

X-Men Gold Annual #2 is on the horizon, and Marvel dropped some preview pages at their X-Men panel today. Uncanny X-Men was just announced too, so this feels a little trivial in comparison to that news, but Jude Terror is covering that and, let’s be honest, has earned it.

Anyway, back to X-Men Gold Annual #2. It finds Kitty Pryde at a summer camp. We don’t know if it’s taking place in the present or the past, but one could assume that it’s a past story unless she’s a counselor and the current Xavier School is having a summer camp. Then again, this is comics and could be about an alien race taking mutants and holding them in a summer camp-like environment. Am I just killing word count here? Only a little. That said, she does look younger in the art.

Seanan McGuire was already announced as the writer on this one, and (according to ComiXology) is joined by artist Marco Failla. This is the first comic outing for McGuire, who is a renowned writer on the Incryptid series (which I admittedly have not read). She has apparently been wanting to write the X-Men for years and is quite excited about this story. That’s cool, and it will hopefully turn out to be a good one.

The panels are available for your viewing pleasure below. It seems like fairly normal summer camp things, so that alien theory may be a little out there. The art looks really good, and a low-action issue wouldn’t be a bad change of pace for the series. Plus, I want to see how McGuire does and whether this could be another great X-Men writer in the making. I’m always hopeful to see more talent in the comics sphere.

In any case, if we receive more info here at Bleeding Cool, we’ll let you know. See you guys in the next article.

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