Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Warped into Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con

Madeline Potts writes,

After an explosive first season, it looks like Star Trek: Discovery isn’t leaving warp speed any time soon. The cast and producers took the Hall H stage and revealed new and returning characters as well as some spoilers for the upcoming season of the CBS: All Access show.

The Hall H panel began with a fast-paced trailer for season two which included the revelation that not only Pike but also Mr. Spock himself will be joining the cast for the shows second season. It also announced that fans will have to wait a little bit longer for the next season which will be premiering in early 2019. However, there will be four 10-15 minute shorts coming in September. With the promise that fans will be getting a Tilly centered story as well as Surak’s backstory.

Fans will also be treated to a trip to Saru’s home planet where we will finally meet the rest of the Kelpian people as well as the predators on their planet. Tyler and L’Rell will also be having a very important conversation in season two surrounding consent.

On the note of important conversations, the cast discussed inclusion within the Star Trek: Discovery universe. Since its inception, Star Trek has always championed diversity and inclusion. Not only within its human characters but also from its various alien species.

Star Trek Discovery may be one of the most diverse incarnations yet with not one but two female captains and many women, men of color, different species, and sexual orientations all represented on the bridge of the USS Discovery.

When asked about her role as an African American Captain of a starship (following her role on The Walking Dead) Sonequa Martin-Green replied:

Universality is something that has to be fought for, you have to stretch for it, you have to make it happen. I appreciate our team makers who have decided to bring this iteration the way that it is. We see diversity in all its forms. It’s such a privilege to get to play a strong woman and even more than that to be surrounded by strong women. Women on our show like L’Rell and Tilly and Georgiou… you get to see these women be well rounded, human, strong, feminine, and kind. We have to see more representation it’s the actualization.”

Fans cheered as the cast discussed the importance of diversity in television. It looks like season two of Discovery will be the most diverse one yet.

Check out the Hall H trailer for season two of Star Trek: Discovery below. If you live in a country where you can.


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