Justice League #6 Spoilers from SDCC18, Read if You Dare

Photos and Info courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s Marcos Salinas:

Justice League #6 was spoiled at San Diego Comic Con today as part of a DC panel. It showed what may very well be the turning point of the current Justice League arc, which finds the team assailed by the Legion of Doom and an all-powerful entity called the Totality, the latter of which arrived on Earth after the destruction of the Source Wall which occurred in Dark Nights: Metal.

In the story thus far, Lex Luthor and the Joker have taken over the bodies of Superman and Martian Manhunter respectively. Batman and Hawkgirl were incapacitated in this attack, as they were shrunken down by the Atom and fighting mutagens in Clark and J’onn’s bodies due to their proximity to the Totality. This story is weird, nuts, and I love it. In any case, this has allowed Luthor and the Joker to wield near-limitless power.

Here, we see the two rogues using their limitless power with wanton abandon, such as conjuring a cosmic chainsaw because…why not? This issue also takes a special interest in the Joker, primarily focusing upon the Clown Prince of Crime.


This is followed by a returned Batman taking righteous vengeance against Lex Luthor for his crimes against the universe and the Justice League. When we last saw Batman (having not read #5 yet as it has not been released), he was consumed by one of Superman’s antibodies. He apparently got better.

So, Batman will apparently lead the charge and be responsible for the heroic turn in this tale. The issues so far have primarily shown the Legion of Doom taking advantage of the Totality and the League being stretched so thin, and they have been shown victorious. However, we know the League will win the day. This is likely how it starts.

Justice League #5 and #6 will be released on August 1st and 15th respectively, so we will get the gritty details then. I will almost certainly be reviewing them too. I’ve been loving this series thus far; I hope it keeps getting better.

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