We Went to The Good Place at SDCC – But Was It Really?

Pictures and Words courtesy of Bleeding Cool’s Madeline Potts:

“Welcome! Everything is fine.”

Entering The Good Place is a bit of a process. Before you can attend orientation you must check in with a worker and enter your information into a computer system, answer a few only slightly invasive questions, and finally, after all of this, you are given an RFID bracelet (to identify who we were here on earth.) Once you have acquired your bracelet you are taken to a holding area where you wait to be taken into the offsite.

After waiting, guests of The Good Place are taken to a white room where Michael and Janet give us a brief introduction to The Good Place. The Good Place, according to Michael, is a place where everyone cares about your favorite Fandom. A place where everything works out and everything is fine.

As the doors open behind you, guests are transported into The Good Place. There are places to sit, a cart full of cupcakes, and various installations, including a carousel of shrimp.

The Good Place isn’t for introverts — in the span of 10 minutes you are forced to have face-to-face conversations with other residents. The conversations begin after a resident scans your bracelet and starts describing your life on Earth. In a game I found reminiscent to high school improv, you are asked to answer questions about your life. ”What was your occupation?” “Whose life did you save?” “How did you die?” As the conversation goes on The Good Place resident tells you more about your life. Each life story resident is different — from a “sweet” woman in a poofy dress to a Demon who tells you he is from “The Bad Place” and only listens to the band Puddle of Mudd.

One resident whispered in my ear: “If you are Kaitlyn I will give you this envelope with one ticket to interview Ted Danson and Kristen Bell.” Being the fan and journalist that I am, I was willing to tackle this man to the ground for that envelope. Nodding my head I agreed, and upon inspection, the envelope was, of course, empty.

The residents of The Good Place continued to tempt me, I was given popcorn, a cold drink, and enticed onto a ride on the shrimp carousel, where I was given a miniature shrimp as a prize.

It was only when I got pushed off the rotating shrimp that I realized that this was indeed The Bad Place. In a second everything descended into chaos. Popcorn was flying, residents were ripping off their shirts, and guests were being pushed towards the exit doors. Exiting The Bad Place was jarring, to say the least, but at least we got a thumbs up pin as a consolation prize.

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