Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Introduces the Ryu Ranger to the Game

There’s a new ranger coming your way in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars — and this one may have a few extra powers you wish other rangers had! Ryu from Street Fighter will be joining the fray in a crossover event announced today at San Diego Comic-Con, bringing one of Capcom’s most iconic fighters to the mobile app. We have a couple of quotes and info on the character’s inclusion from their press release, along with an official trailer.


After he and his friends were sucked into the Morphin Grid, Ryu was presented with his own Crimson Hawk Power Coin, allowing him to morph into the Ryu Ranger, and team up with the Power Rangers to take on the deadly duo of M. Bison and Rita Repulsa. Combining his Crimson Hawk Power Coin with the power of Hado, Ryu Ranger’s Hadoken takes the shape of the hawk, lifting his opponents into the air, and his Tatsumaki uses the strength of a hawk’s wings to trap his opponents.

“With more than 36 million installations and 500 million matches played, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has truly created its own universe and it only continues to grow in popularity,” said Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay. “In addition to a AAA game with a large and growing player base and esports scene, we’re introducing one-of-a-kind crossovers and collaborations, as well as creating brand new characters between titles. Nobody has seen anything like the Ryu Ranger before.”

“We’re excited to morph a key Street Fighter like Ryu into a mighty Ranger and to introduce him through an exciting new piece of video content as we continue to find innovative ways for gamers to enjoy Power Rangers: Legacy Wars,” said Daniel Engelhardt, Senior Vice President of Interactive Ventures & Games at Lionsgate. “We’re also very proud to be working with great companies such as G Fuel and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. on this unique collaboration that brings together fun gameplay, original storytelling, and direct fan engagement.”

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