Magneto to Move Centre Stage With Cable? But What About Uncanny X-Men #1?

Posted by July 16, 2018 Comment

We are having a look at a variety of Marvel Comics rumours ahead of San Diego Comic-Con today. A reliable source in the past, but I emphasise that these are closer to the Yellow Lights of Lying In The Gutters rather than the Green Lights of last year.

But I am told about big X-Men plans for Magneto coming, including getting his own title in the New Year, alongside Cable. Maybe an announcement at San Diego Comic-Con? Or would that be too far in advance?

Talking of which, while Uncanny X-Men may be announced this week at San Diego Comic-Con I am told to only expect a teaser as the full creative team has not been locked down yet.

More as we hear it… if we hear it…

(Last Updated July 18, 2018 11:32 am )

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