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Funko Reveals New TaleSpin and Friends Wave 2 Pops

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Funko has revealed two new waves of very highly anticipated Pops. First up, a tip down memory lane for people of a certain age with Disney’s TaleSpin getting the Pop treatment. Five Pops total in this wave, with a chase version of Louie in a alternate shirt, and a flocked version of Baloo at Target. These will be in stores this month.

Also revealed is a second wave of Friends Pops. All of these are based on classic episodes of the show, from the ’80s episodes to Monica an her various hairstyles. A Target exclusive with a turkey on her head will also be available. Of these, the funniest one is The One Where Joey Wears All of Chandler’s Clothes. These hit in August.

Check them all out below!

Friends for life, through thick and thin with another tale to spin …

Take a journey to Cape Suzette, home to perhaps
the only one-plane delivery service operated by a bear in the entire world. The stars of the ‘90s Disney cartoon series TaleSpin
are getting the Pop! treatment, making for a rowdy,
colorful addition to any collection. Fly the friendly skies with Baloo and his sidekick navigator, Kit Cloudkicker of Baloo’s Air Service!

Of course, Baloo and Kit would be lonely without Baloo’s boss, Rebecca Cunningham, businessman Shere Khan and the proprietor of Baloo’s favorite after-work hangout, Louie’s Place. Louie comes with a one-in-six rarity Chase wearing a differently colored tropical shirt.

Look for a flocked version of Baloo, available only at Target!

The hilarious TV sitcom Friends is back as a new wave of Funko Pop!
Collect classic fan favorite moments that made us fall in love with the show. Featuring Rachel, Ross, and Chandler from the
hilarious 80’s flashback episodes! Check out Phoebe dressed as Supergirl! Look for Monica with braids! Her frizzy hair is featured as a
Chase –  A rarity of 1-in-6!

Could Joey BE wearing anymore clothes? Joey in all of Chandler’s clothes comes to Pop! Hope he doesn’t do any lunges.The moment Monica won over Chandler – shown with a Turkey on her head!
This Pop! will be available at Target!

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