Duncan Jones Teases Next Film – It’ll Be a Comic Book Movie!

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While Duncan Jones‘s Warcraft gets a lot of undue hate, his other slate of work points to his prowess behind the lens and incredibly strong visual language.

Duncan Jones in 2016
LOS ANGELES – JUN 6: Duncan Jones at the Warcraft Global Premiere. Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Just today on Twitter, the Brit teased his next film project, and apparently it’s going to be a funny-papers feature.

Fellow filmmaker Edgar Wright was quick to respond, teasing that he knows what the project is:

This, of course, began the internet speculation as to what the project might be. It could literally be anything.

BC’s own Jeremy Konrad suggested that Green Lantern could be a possibility, and you know what? I’m in. That’d be such an interesting property in Jones’s hands, and I’d love to see what he’d do with the DC Comics’ hued heroes galaxy.

Or, maybe, Jones is the person Sony is eyeing for their Morbius the Living Vampire flick starring Jared Leto. Or, maybe, one of the two Vertigo properties currently being developed. Or, maybe, any of the literally a dozen comic book films in the works for the other studios.

What would YOU like to see him direct in the comic realm?

We’ll of course let you know as soon we find out what Duncan is working on, and until then, maybe go brush up on Moon, Mute, and Source Code.

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