DC Comics’ Black Label Series to Be Oversized – Starting with Batman: Damned

With an uncorrected readers proof of Batman: Damned by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo from DC Comics’ Black Label line, DC President Dan DiDio demonstrated to the DC All Access video that the format of Black Label will mostly be oversized. Larger in dimensions in height and width than a standard DC comic book title. Closer to the standard European format.

See the difference here.

And get a sneak peek inside the pages…

The comic sees Batman team up with John Constantine:

On a deserted Gotham City bridge, a body is found. Whispers spread the news: Joker is dead. But is this a dream come true or a nightmare being born? Now Batman and DC’s outlaw magician John Constantine must hunt the truth through a Gotham City hellscape. The city’s supernatural recesses are laced with hints about a killer’s identity, but the Dark Knight’s descent into horror will test his sanity and the limits of rationality, as he must face a horror that doesn’t wear a mask.


Watch the full video below…

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