Dataminers Find More Pokémon GO Additions on the Way for 2018

Dataminers Find More Pokémon GO Additions on the Way for 2018

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It doesn’t matter how hard Niantic tries to hide their content within the code of Pokémon GO, there will always be dataminers to find it. It seems like at least once a month we’re getting new reports from different websites that show the company uploaded new Pokémon into the system, even when the company seems to think they’ve found a way to conceal it from people who are actively searching for any new edition.

A pair of reports from GitHub and Silph Road have revealed several new creatures were added to the game’s code and have yet to be revealed this week. The list includes Nincada, Ninjask, and Shedinja, Clamperl and Huntail, Jirachi,  Smeargle, and Deoxys.

There are no details as to whether or not there are any shiny versions of the Pokémon included or if it’s just the regular versions we’ve seen in a few different games. If the usual timeframe for people finding data holds up, we’ll probably start seeing these guys roll out within the next couple weeks as they’ll either be tied to events or released as one giant package of new Pokémon GO creatures to find. We’ll keep you posted on a date as soon as we find out.

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