Keya Morgan Absent from Stan Lee-Related Court Hearing

Keya Morgan Absent from Stan Lee-Related Court Hearing

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Bleeding Cool has been covering Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee‘s woes over the last year, and hopefully we will be coming toward some kind of conclusion, but there are bumps in the road.

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Yesterday Keya Morgan, who has been the subject of much press reportage and fan concern regarding the recent disposition of Stan Lee, had his lawyer Alex Kessel plead not guilty on misdemeanor charges of making a false report of an emergency and filing false police reports.

As previously reported by Bleeding Cool, these police reports were first against police and state representatives visiting Stan Lee and then against security guards hired by Morgan himself. This included the arrival of several squad cars and a police helicopter, responding to what they believed was an armed threat.

Morgan wasn’t in the court, as it was stated that Morgan was in New York working on a film project.

The state prosecutor asked the court to add an extra court order of protection, but Kessel argued that Stan Lee was not a victim and that Lee trusts Morgan.

These charges were cited in a court order alleging elder abuse which has been placed against Keya Morgan to prevent him from visiting Lee, and Friday will see whether that will go forward, as part of his old lawyer Tom Lallas‘s appeal for guardianship. However, yesterday no additional protective order was issued, on the basis that Morgan wasn’t in California.

Regarding the charges of false reports, lawyer Kessel told the New York Daily News:

“I don’t think at the time he called that he knew with any specificity who those people were. That’s why he called. He was told by a security guard two different things. He did say there were people with firearms, and I don’t think he had for sure any definitive information on the identify of those people.”

Lallas was also in court, intending to serve stay-away papers to Keya Morgan. He attempted to do this via Kessel, who did not accept them and stated that Lallas would have to serve Morgan in person. Kessel told the Daily News that Morgan will be requesting this Friday’s hearing be postponed.

Bleeding Cool also understands that, now that the protective order against Keya has been placed, there is still much division between the other parties in the case, including Lallas, his daughter JC Lee and her lawyer, and business partner Kirk Schenck. No doubt ex-manager Max Anderson and ex-business partner Jerry Olivarez will join the fray at some point as well.

But at least it looks like we are nearing some kind of conclusion. For now.

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