DC to Create a New Mission Statement for Publishing Comics

DC to Create a New Mission Statement for Publishing Comics

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In tomorrow’s DC Nation #2 free magazine from DC Comics, Publisher Dan DiDio writes an editorial to coincide with the publication of Batman #50.

In it, he talks about how fans know the DC Universe so well that “often times they see the twists coming.” Well, that’s easier to do when they are in New York Times headlines.

And he recognises how hard it is to “be consistent with our characters and who they are while finding new directions and new types of stories to tell with them.” Just ask Poison Ivy.

But he also talks about how much choice there is out there, and “comics, while still a cheap medium, have gotten more expensive.”

In response to these concerns about people’s current choosiness, he states that DC Comics is “bringing all the talent together soon to sit down and come up with a mission statement about what DC wants to be and what types of stories we want to tell.”

Well… what do you think? Do you have any suggestions for DC Comics’ new mission statement? I bet Bleeding Cool could come up with some doozies.

See you in the comments?

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