Queer Supernatural Graphic Novel StrangeLore on Kickstarter

Queer Supernatural Graphic Novel StrangeLore on Kickstarter

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Viktor Kerney writes:

The absence of QPOC characters and stories are severely noticeable in comics. You would think in a world where dragons speak and multiple universes exist, we would be more present and visible. I’ve been a part of many discussions about the lack QPOC characters, but after a while you have to ask yourself, “What am I doing about it?”

So a few years ago, I wrote my first webcomic, called StrangeLore. Yeah, the title is odd, but it fits the story I wanted to tell.

StrangeLore is created and written by me, with art by Antonio Brandao and colors by Terry Blas and Scott Green.

In StrangeLore, a tragic incident forces 19-year-old Brandon Hanks to leave Chicago and live with his grandmother in a sleepy southern town. As he settles into his new home, Brandon meets the cavalier and handsome Jackson Garrett. The chemistry between the two boys is instantaneous.

However, things become complicated when Brandon discovers that Jackson is a descendant of an ancient mythical race.

StrangeLore combines fantasy, horror, and romance for young adults. It features two queer characters of color trying to navigate through a complex world filled with magic and uncertainty.

The reception to StrangeLore has been great! We have over 1200 subscribers and amazing support. Due to the fanfare, I developed a Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to turn my webcomic into a physical graphic novel. Queer characters of color deserve to be at the forefront of comic stories.

Hopefully, StrangeLore can be an effective contribution to the cause.  For more on StrangeLore, check out our Kickstarter campaign.

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