Grant Morrison Writes Superman Again in Sideways Annual

Grant Morrison Writes Superman Again in Sideways Annual

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When the DC New Age Of Heroes title Sideways, by Kenneth Rocafort, Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan first came out, DiDio mentioned that Grant Morrison would be co-writing a couple of issues of the comic at some point, when the titular Sideways returned to the Dark Multiverse that spawned his powers in the Metal series.

Man, I love writing a paragraph that no one outside of comics would have a clue what any of it means. But everyone reading it knows it intricately.


Dan DiDio, Publisher of DC Comics, just posted the cover to the Sideways Annual by Andy Kubert, who will be drawing the volume, and stated that this was where his and Grant Morrison’s Sideways story would end up…

Which, yes, does mean Grant Morrison writing Superman again, after notable runs on JLA, All-Star Superman and the New 52 Action Comics.

And that does rather look like the New 52 Superman, doesn’t it? Back from 2011?

Kubert is an interesting way to go. I’d have tapped Rocafort as more of a Morrison-compatible artist, but Kubert and Morrison have worked prominently together before on Batman, and that seemed to go well.


Is there any chance that Derek James, our teleporting superhero might meet another DC character, one co-created by Grant Morrison with a penchant for teleporting and for being DC’s first ongoing transvestite character as well? Danny The Street can’t be a Young Animal forever…

Since we’ve had the September solicits, I guess we can look for Sideways Annual #1 in October, Dan?


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