July 4th, 2018 Will Be a Monster Wednesday for Comic Stores

A week on Wednesday is Independence Day. The 4th of July. And it may be comics’ biggest Wednesday of the year. Especially as it begins on Tuesday midnight, which is when Marvel and DC Comics titles can officially be sold from.

That’s because it’s the day of release of Batman #50 and Catwoman #1, the humongously highly ordered Batwedding books (even though we reckon there will be Bat-tears at the altar). Those titles alone would usually make a monster Wednesday, but there’s much more to take account of.

Marvel Comics is launching four books which will also dominate headlines. The new Ta Nahesi-Coates and Leinil Yu Captain America #1 launches on 4th of July (we’ve read it and tease about it here). The new Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley Amazing Spider-Man launches. And the new Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 from Donny Cates, spinning out of the phenomenally successful Thanos series. None of those will sell as well as Batman #50 — but combined? Who knows.

There’s even the Death of the Inhumans series launching, which right now, everyone wants to see, and is also by Donny Cates. Add the Matthew Rosenberg/Greg Land relaunch of Astonishing X-Men, the anniversary issue of Star Wars #50, and the follow-up issue of X-Men Gold #31 (and the reprint of #30) and that’s a hell of a week from Marvel.

While DC, as well as the Batwedding has Green Lanterns #50, the finale of Man of Steel #6, a new Justice League #3.

But it’s not just the big two. Boom has a new Go Go Power Rangers, Dynamite launches Elvira: Mistress of the Dark which has been putting on a lot of advance orders, and a 25-cent issue launch for Project Superpowers, Boom launches a new Jim Henson Dark Crystal series which has a dedicated fanbase, Image Comics has a new Walking Dead and Paper Girls which will also tear up the charts, IDW has a new Orphan Black series launching, while Image launches New Lieutenants of Metal and Unnatural.

While at the same time, Walmart will be launching their 100-page DC anthologies. I would expect any enterprising comic store to try and do a deal with their local outlet, snap up any available copies at 5 a.m. and sell them on the grey market for a markup.

Either way, it’s going to be one hell of a July 3rd midnight/July 4th this year. There will be fireworks… and if you can’t make money as a comic store that week… well, maybe it’s time to have another look.

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