Preview: Alex De Campi and Victor Santos’ Bad Girls from Gallery 13

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As ever, I consider Alex De Campi to be one of the finest modern day comic book writers, seemingly blacklisted by both Marvel and DC for being, well, a cheeky scamp, at a time when everyone seems to want a really bland life. Well, her new comic book with Victor Santos is being published by Gallery 13, the new Simon & Schuster imprint that has just bought up the graphic novel adaptations of Stephen King‘s Dark Tower from Marvel Comics. And it’s called Bad Girls which instantly seems to tap more into her Grindhouse comics than her My Little Pony work. But who knows.

In this heart-pounding, starkly colored, and visually stunning graphic novel, three women have twelve hours to get out of Cuba with six-million dollars on the night of New Year’s Eve 1958. Gangster’s moll Carole, jazz singer Taffy, and mambo queen Ana all have their reasons for needing to escape the El Eden Casino in Havana. And on the tumultuous night of New Year’s Eve, when Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista flees the country and the nation falls to Fidel Castro, they get their chance… with the help of six suitcases filled with stolen dirty money. Of course, it’s one thing to get the cash… and quite another to get off the island alive.

Look for it on July 17th in bookstores and July 18th in comic book stores. I will be,


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