Comic Book Folk Raise Money to Help Leah Moore and John Reppion

Two/three weeks ago, while attending the Download music festival, British comic book writer Leah Moore suffered a brain injury. Leah’s medical costs will covered by the NHS but their friend Andrew O’Neill has begun a JustGiving page to help her and her family out with other living costs at this time, saying,

Leah and John are comic book writers, who usually scrape by on caffeine and stress while creating wonderful art. Recently, they have been beset by brutal circumstances – John recently lost his sister Dawn and Leah has sustained a severe and degenerative brain injury at Download (metal!) and has had an operation to remove a blood clot.

Needless to say, their already fragile and insecure method of putting food on the table for themselves and their three kids (two feral) is going to be impossible while Leah recovers and John looks after her.

As an artistic community and bunch of pals, let’s raise some money to help them through, (and then we can use our generosity later on as leverage for favours and cake).

Notable donors already include Audrey Niffenegger, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Sean Phillips, JH Williams III, Paul Cornell, PM Buchan, Charlie Adlard, Andy Diggle, Richard Starkings, Joshua Fialkov, Duncan Fegredo, Gary Spencer-Millidge, Boo Cook, Christopher Weston, Al Ewing, Shelly Bond, Ian Edginton, John Allison and Jamie Delano.

I’ve just joined them. If you appreciate the Moore-Reppions, whether on their work on 2000AD, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Conspiracy Of Ravens, or simply in person, why not do likewise?

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