What You May Have Learned from the DC Comics Writers Summit

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Okay, this is more of a summary thing. If you read Bleeding Cool over the weekend, fine, move on. But for those of you who were wondering what that DC Writers Summit was all about, here are a few things we learned.

Obviously, there was much more that would have been discussed but these are just a few crumbs that fell from the table… and got dropped on Bleeding Cool’s lap. And also, we understand, a number of aspects regarding what was discussed among them all. It’s almost like you are there, chatting among them all…

Apr 20

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Kelly Sue DeConnick on Aquaman? DC Fresh Start…

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Will Liam Sharp Join Grant Morrison on Green Lantern? DC Fresh Start…

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David F. Walker on a Flash Comic? DC Fresh Start…

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Rumour: G Willow Wilson on Wonder Woman?

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Marvel Increases Dollar Share Massively, Unit Share Not So Much, in May 2018 Marketshare Figures

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DC Comics Writers Gather in Burbank for Summit

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Will the New Age of DC Heroes Comics Make it to Issue 12?

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DC Creators Will Be Able to Use Shazam, Legion, and JSA Whether or Not Doomsday Clock Has Finished

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Jun 17

What Will Heroes in Crisis’s Shocking Opener Be? [Potential Spoilers]

Bleeding Cool has already told you who the third unannounced lead character in the upcoming Heroes In Crisis series will be, alongside Harley Quinn and Booster Gold.

“DC Comics co-publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee. Burbank, CA 8/28/2015 (photo by John McCoy Daily News)”
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