Who’s Writing and Drawing X-Classified – I Mean, Mr & Mrs X?

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool revealed the title of the hidden comic book X-Men title previously solicited as X-Classified.

We said it was going to be called Mr & Mrs X.

That hasn’t changed, but we now know who is going to be working on it. Namely Kelly Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua.

Kelly wrote the recent Rogue & Gambit series while Oscar is best known for drawing Spider-Man and Evil Dead 2.

So what will it be?

Kitty and Colossus in adventures of married bliss?

Teen Scott and Teen Jean get an early wedding?

Teen Scott and Adult Jean get inappropriate?

Dead Scott and Adult Jean get really inappropriate?

The revived Charles Xavier known simply as X hanging out with Mystique?

The revived Charles Xavier known simply as X getting really really, inappropriate with Cassandra Nova?

Some kind of Mrs & Mrs Smith-style grift with Gambit and Rogue, as Kelly just wrote Rogue & Gambit?

Charles Xavier’s parents revived from the dead as Oscar just drew Evil Dead 2?

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets…

We are meant to find out what’s what this month. The FOC date is the 2nd of July, and Mr & Mrs X #1 will be published on 25th July.

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