505 Games Throws Us Down The Deep Dungeon of Underworld Ascendant

One of the first appointments I had at E3 was with 505 Games who took us into the darkest dungeons Otherside Entertainment could create in Underworld Ascendant. The game is a first-person dungeon explorer that basically makes you an adventurer with various ways to play the game. One of the best mechanics about all of this is that there’s no wrong way to play the game. If you feel like sniping people from afar with a bow and arrow, you can do it. If you want to use magic and kill from a medium distance, you can. If you want to hack-n-slash with a sword, you can totally go for it.

credit//505 Games

What I loved best about the game in its current build is the look, as it feels like a Dungeons & Dragons kind of lair come to life, complete with the shadows and tones and dankest of areas you can get. Right now the game is in alpha mode for backers who contributed to their Kickstarter fund, while those who want to play the final version will need to wait a few more months as they’re aiming for a September release.

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