Venom #2 Takes the Symbiote Back to the War...

Venom #2 Takes the Symbiote Back to the War…

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In the debate over whether the new Venom series from Marvel Comics is or is not a better comic book than Watchmen currently raging….

…the current issue gives us some added insight. Just as Watchmen journeyed back to Vietnam as some kind of Original Sin for America, with both Manhattan and the Comedian embroiled in the outcome, so Venom also goes back to the killing fields and a soldier left for dead, taken by mysterious American forces and transformed into a killing machine with a symbiote sample. And watching over this disgusting farrago of affairs…

…well we know Nick Fury likes to watch. It’s all he’s good at these days.

You know he’s already been turned into a) a cold war dinosaur b) a series of clones and c) the new version of The Watcher. And now? The man behind the Venom project.

Nick Fury? Whatta dick. He truly is the Comedian of the Marvel Universe. And while the Comedian may have shot his pregnant girlfriend, and committed acts of slaughter and death, Nick Fury probably did all that as well, and had more LMD duplicate bodies doing just the same than Dr Manhattan….

(W) Donny Cates (A/CA) Ryan Stegman
•  Long ago, a mythical monster once terrorized both humanity and the Klyntar alike. Now, it’s awake. And it’s angry.
•  To make matters worse, this ancient horror has a unique influence over the Venom symbiote – an influence that threatens to sever Eddie Brock’s connection with his Other!
•  If he survived the first issue, that is…
Rated T+In Shops: Jun 13, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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