What Did Tom King Talk About on Late Night With Seth Meyers?

DC Comics writer Tom King just appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers on NBC. He was there to talk about Batman’s upcoming wedding to Catwoman, Mister Miracle – and possibly something new?

We have been following the emergence of what was once called Sanctuary and might have been called Crisis Center for some time. And June 12th was he said whatever it was, would be announced. Okay, it ended up on the 13th, but still… Late Night With Seth Meyers would count.

But first, he talked about his history as a CIA Counter Terrorism officer, taking comics into the field and his geekiness providing perfect cover for his actions. Who would suspect?

Seth brought up Mister Miracle and Seth’s possible appearance in the first issue, Tom King name-dropping artist Mitch Gerads. And telling Seth that officially this is not him. And Seth promised not to sue.


Then the Batwedding. And Tom King being able to write about love more than punching bad guys. And whether or not Batman wears a tuxedo under the Batsuit. And how Tom King’s son is more into wrestling than comics. I have not the words.

But as to whatever Sanctuary would be? A trauma centre for superheroes who have seen too much, starring Booster Gold and Harley Quinn, with Poison Ivy as a patient and Human Tornado on ice? Where would it go?

Not a word…

Mister Miracle #9 is published today from DC Comics.

(W) Tom King (A) Mitch Gerads (CA) Nick Derington
After war comes peace. The bloody battles that waged across New Genesis and Apokolips have come to an end, and now Mister Miracle and Kalibak must sit down and discuss a truce. Can Scott Free trust the former minions of Darkseid to keep their word? Not likely, but a leader sometimes has to take a risk in service to the greater good. Perhaps the more pressing question, though, is whether Big Barda can make it through the negotiations without beating the life out of the assassin Kanto.In Shops: Jun 13, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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