Would You Like to Know What Marvel's X-Classified is Actually Called?

Would You Like to Know What Marvel’s X-Classified is Actually Called?

Posted by June 13, 2018 Comment

Bleeding Cool has been running a number of stories, wondering just what Marvel Comics has planned for this most mysterious of projects under wraps, X-Classified.

The other Classified titles for Cloak and Dagger, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage appear to be digital-first titles. The Wolverine Classified title is the Return of Wolverine.

But X-Classified? It’s a major departure.

Bleeding Cool has learned that the comic shipping in July from Marvel is in fact called Mr & Mrs X.

Like, Mr & Mrs Smith. But… X.

Might suggest it sounds a little like Kitty and Colossus? That’s just speculation, of course. The title is real.

Oh, and J. Scott Campbell may be doing covers for it after all.

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