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This is the Top 10 Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

And with Justice League‘s launch well ahead, Batman and Man Of Steel scrap it out with very little between them. Medium-launch performance for Immortal Hulk, Deadpool and Doctor Strange – one thing of note, Walking Dead was pushed out, even as Paper Girls is pushed in…

  1. Justice League #1
  2. Batman #48
  3. Man of Steel #2
  4. Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Nightwing Vs Hush
  5. Immortal Hulk #1
  6. Deadpool #1
  7. X-Men Red #5
  8. Infinity Countdown #4
  9. Paper Girls 21
  10. Doctor Strange #1

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After a long May with us doing free comic book day every Saturday and Mega Con, we’re finally back with our weekly what sold list! We’ve been selling more and more back issues because of our weekly Facebook auctions that we do every Friday! Unfortunately, the person who writes our Bleeding Cool list isn’t in this weekend so we apologize for no long commentary.


While it didn’t come out this week, if I’m being honest, our top seller by a MASSIVE margin is the Batman #50 Joshua Middleton variant that we’ve commissioned for our Winston and Greensboro stores. Batman #48 topped the chart for books that were physically released this week, and Marvel actually secured a few strong spots. Spawn pushed its way up our sales rank by way of how many completists we have and the fact that it had 8 covers available for regular price. Immortal Hulk and Deadpool’s fresh teams and directions paid off for them, but a lot of people seemed very hesitant or downright resentful of Doctor Strange’s relaunch. I’m a fan of Mark Waid and the issue was actually pretty decent so it hurts me to say that it might be the biggest flop of Fresh Start when the smoke clears.


This was a very strong week. There were a ton of great books this week and every book seemed to over preform. Justice League lead the way with some unbelievable numbers. Everyone wanted to check this book out. Batman was number two of course, and Man of Steel was just a touch behind it. Immortal Hulk had an incredible debut, and Deadpool #1 way outsold Deadpool #300. Doctor Strange #1 also had a great launch. Like I said almost every book in our top 20 put up above average numbers. It was a really good week.


Our shipment was shorted and had a lot of damages this week, so that and along with the fact another store in the area was shorted Man of Steel our orders are all over the place. Marvel is all over the board with hits and misses for first issues this week. Dazzler made it into our top ten and sold out Wednesday. Immortal Hulk 1 sold out and made it into our top ten. Deadpool 1 blew chunks for us. The first issue did not increase sales over the previous issues. Doctor Strange 1 also blew chunks for us. Right now it is looking like we just broke even this week on our Marvel comics sales with sell outs cancelling out dead Marvel product. Marvel may make an increase in sales on first issues for themselves but they often do at the expense of the stores that sell their product. If Marvel did not have the Star Wars line they would be in trouble. Walking Dead sales have dropped off. Variants are not helping sales for Walking Dead. A lot of our DC titles were damaged this week. Hopefully next week is better.


Marvel is kickin ass again!


DC takes four of our store’s top five slots and seven of our store’s top ten slots. The big surprise was Immortal Hulk #1, which was our top-selling Marvel today, generating numbers 4 times higher than the previous Hulk series. Big disappointment: Doctor Strange #1, which just couldn’t find an audience in spite of the fact that it’s a quality book. DC’s New Age of Heroes titles are shedding readers pretty quickly, unfortunately, and Unexpected was the first New Age of Heroes first issue to fail to break into our Top Ten. Walking Dead was also softer than usual this week, placing down a few points at 13th place.

Man of Steel #2, ordered a lot because of returnability, but sold plenty on the shelf.

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