There's a Disturbance in The Force as Kelly Marie Tran Empties Her Instagram

It appears there's imbalance in The Force as the Dark Side may have caused living treasure of a person, Kelly Marie Tran, to purge her Instagram account.

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Tran, whom we best know as Rose Tico from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, joined the platform during the lead-up to the film's release in late 2017. Since then her account had been a mix of heartfelt gratitude for the experience, genuine fellow nerdery, and an all-around delightful addition to anyone's social media day.

Speculation is that she deleted it due to an excessive amount of negativity, including outright abuse and harassment on the basis of her appearance, race, and because she had the audacity to be in a Star Wars film and enjoy it.

You can still see a few glimmers of the beacon of delight Tran is/was over on John Boyega's and Mark Hamill's Instagram account.

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View this post on Instagram.

You can also see a few saved screencaps on Buzzfeed including screencaps of some of the abuse she suffered. It's devastating to see someone not be able to do something as innocuous as share part of their everyday lives, without being subject to harassment.

Hopefully, if this was indeed the reason behind the purge, balance is restored to The Force soon and Tran feels safe/welcome enough to return. Fellow Star Wars star Daisy Ridley also felt the need to delete her account for similar reasons last year. Tran has yet to issue a statement as to her exit from the platform.

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