Nick Spencer Donates Over $4500 to Help Open a Comic Book Store in Cincinnati

Once upon a time, Nick Spencer was a Cincinnati politician, running a local club, getting heavily involved in city politics, and standing for election as a Charterist candidate. Eventually, he was run out of town, owing debts including that on his advertising billboards. We covered his history in that area when he started to rise to prominence in the comic book industry back in 2010.  This was all brought up again during the controversy over the Secret Empire series from Marvel last year, as I was suddenly put upon by all sorts of people wanting to talk to me about Spencer’s 2005 run.

You can talk the boy out of Cincinnati, but apparently you can’t take Cincinnati out of the boy.

Doing my usual googling for Bleeding Cool, I came across a story from WKRC about Kameron Glover, a 25-year-old who wants to open a comic book store in Cincinnati, Lightning House Comics to help those like him, who struggled to read when he was young. And to do so in his own neighbourhood of Walnut Hills, by turning his storage unit into a storefront. And the story linked to his Go Fund Me page, which was looking to raise $5,000,

I am raising money to start a black owned comic book store that encourages inner city kids to read. The comic book store will donate books to local libraries, hospitals, and senior citizens homes as well as sponsor for kids to go on field trips like the krohn conservatory, football games, baseball games, hockey games, and much more. As owner of the comic book store I would like to employ young adults who also have goals of becoming young entrepreneurs themselves and people with disabilities seeing that I too have a disability and can relate to them. I would also like to add that a comic book store in my neighborhood would make it more friendly to travelers and help local small businesses like tattoo shops and art studios with their business as well. I would like to incorporate non profit characteristics with my for profit business. Thank you for reading.

It had raised just $270 in the 14 months it had been running from four donors, until the piece on WKRC ran. That picked up another $110 from another two people.

And then $4,620 from one Nick Spencer, bringing it up to the $5000 that Kameron Glover needed. Nick writes,

Hey Kameron- Saw the WKRC story. Really inspiring (and nice to see one of my Sam Wilson: Captain America books in there!). Best of luck– excited to see your shop become a reality, I know it will make a big difference for a lot of young people in the community. Please let me know if I can be of any more help.

The store is still taking donations to help it open – why not join Nick in that endeavour? 


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