A New Finale for Alan Moore's Supreme?

Supreme was a comic book version of Superman created by Rob Liefeld for Image Comics. Basically, it was 'what if Superman was really mean'. And you got Supreme.

It was also one of the characters that Alan Moore took on, when he was working for Liefeld after he'd left Image. Moore reinvented the character as a tribute and reflection of sixties Superman instead. As part of Maximum Press, and then Awesome Comics, he worked with Chris Sprouse to create a whole multiverse and new history for the character. However, by the end of the planned story, Liefeld's publishing company was out of puff. Issues were created using cut-and-paste artwork from Chris Sprouse's previous work and it looked like an incomplete failure.

Years later the final issue would be drawn by Erik Larsen who would then continue the series, restoring the original Liefeld version of the character. Much later, Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay would create the Blue Rose series tapping into a number of themes across the comic.

Bit Mike Shea was never happy with that. And, using the artwork, unpublished scripts by Moore, and a bunch of volunteer artists, he has created what he sees a proper ending to Moore's Supreme run. And he has published this unauthorised sequel – or finale – to Supreme, online.

It's gone down rather well. 

There's no word what Alan Moore might think of this. Odds are he wouldn't care. But it is a rather wonderful treat. Now maybe DC Comics can do the same with Top Ten Season Two by Zander Cannon and Gene Ha?

Thanks Mike. Thike.

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