Someone Made a Current Thanos Mod for GTA Online

Having superheroes as a mod in Grand Theft Auto Online is nothing new. You literally could scan about a dozen mod boards and find practically everyone under the sun, from Superman all the way down to Sponge Bob to GTA Online hijinks. And that includes Thanos who, up until now, was only represented in a couple of rare mods as he looks in the comic books and the skins he has taken from a couple different games. This weekend, it was discovered that a script creator named JulioNIB was working on a proper Thanos mod that has him in his current look from Infinity War.

There doesn’t appear to be a proper download of it yet, just a couple of videos and a Pateron you can go to in order to help fund his progress. But by the looks of things he’s got most of the moves you would expect from someone who owns the Infinity Gauntlet to do when fighting against Earth’s mightiest heroes. Considering some of the other mods that have been done in the past with Thanos, this one looks pretty clean and not as ridiculous looking. We look forward to trying it out when it becomes available.

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