Lying In The Gutters - 27th May 2018 - From MCM London Comic Con

Lying In The Gutters – 27th May 2018 – From MCM London Comic Con

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I’m currently at MCM London Comic Con 2018. The thunder, rain, lightning and hailstones have given way to glorious sunshine. Love is in the air, and everyone here loves Bleeding Cool. But what has everyone been reading this week? Let’s find out…

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Warner Bros. Asks Ryan Reynolds for Their Ring Back
  2. What Will Hal Jordan Discover About the Future of the DC Multiverse? (SPOILERS)
  3. 5 Presents Brian Michael Bendis Left Behind for the Marvel Universe in Invincible Iron Man #600 [Spoilers]
  4. John Peter “TotalBiscuit” Bain Dead at 33 Due to Cancer Complications
  5. A New Look – and Name – For Amadeus Cho’s Hulk (SPOILERS)
  6. After Deadpool 2, Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee Riff on the No-Feet Drawing Trope
  7. The Deadpool 2 Writers Clarify Who New Character Yukio Is
  8. Video Released in Morgan Freeman Sexual Harassment Investigation
  9. The Rev Michael Curry Vs Princess Bride’s Peter Cook’s Royal Wedding Address (VIDEO)
  10. The Surviving Original X-Men Reunited with Professor X in Astonishing X-Men Annual
  11. Superman: Year One for DC’s Black Label is Late Already
  12. Marvel Tried to Keep the Russo Brothers from Killing [Spoiler] in Avengers: Infinity War
  13. Fantastic Four #9 and More Stolen from House Of Secrets in Burbank
  14. Deadpool 2 Writers Talk Vanessa and a Possible Deadpool 3 [Spoilers]
  15. The Full DC Comics Catalogue for August 2018
  16. Arrow’s Stephen Amell Teases a New Storytelling Technique for Season 7
  17. Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Will Be Magical
  18. Mindless Speculation: What If Batman Isn’t Getting Married to Catwoman After All?
  19. Bob Layton Just Discovered He Created a Character in Deadpool 2
  20. Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool 2 Gets LGBTQ+ Representation Right [Spoilers]

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Welcome to the Latest Members of DC Comics’ Superman and Batman Families (SPOILERS)
  2. What Might Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s Green Lantern Be Like?
  3. Ellis Sang to #SaveLucifer at MCM London Comic Con (VIDEO)
  4. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Batwoman Cancelled in August
  5. Gerard Way Returns to Marvel Comics for Spider-Geddon
  6. Thunderbolt and Lightning, Very, Very Frightening at MCM London Comic Con
  7. Letitia Wright Would Rather Be the New Black Panther Than the New Iron Man
  8. David Harewood Promises Big Changes to Supergirl at the End of Season 3
  9. 63 Cosplay Pics from MCM London Comic Con 2018
  10. Weapon X-Force, a New Marvel X-Team for 2018; Plus: Someone’s Gonna Die!

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