Blockchain Gaming Platform BitGuild Portal is Now Open to All Players

After raising more than $20 million USD during its ICO and private sale, BitGuild has officially launched the BitGuild Portal, which is the blockchain game hub for the company’s cryptogames. The Portal allows users to register, secure their display names, chat with other players, and begin playing blockchain-based games.

The first game available for BitGuild is Ether.Online, a blockchain fantasy RPG. BitGuild asserts that the game has already proven itself to be more popular than rival cryptogame CryptoKitties.

“We are working hard to make BitGuild the one-stop destination for all things cryptogaming. We see the Portal as an ecosystem for players and developers to come together in a brand new genre of gaming, powered by some of the most interesting tech in recent history,” said BitGuild CTO Mikhail Larionov, who was the engineering lead for the Messenger Business and Platform team at Facebook.

Other third-party games are coming to the portal in the near future, including ETH.TownMythereum, and Axie Infinity Acquired in-game items are displayed in the Portal on an inventory-style page with robust filtering options. The marketplace also allows users to easily put items up for sale.

“I began trading virtual items for real money when I was 13 years old. The line between ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ is blurry and will become even blurrier as the gaming industry is revolutionized by new technology,” CEO Jared Psigoda said. “Though there are still many features to add to the Portal, we are eager to introduce users to this first release.”

In addition to new games and features within the Portal, developments in the ecosystem will also include the BitGuild Game Incubator, which will enable developers to propose their game design plans and allow users to show direct support for the games they want to see made.

Now, like many cryptogames, BitGuild and Ether.Online presuppose that blockchain gaming will become a major force in the games industry by 2020. However, the strength of their conviction is based on the rate of early adoption. And as we’ve seen with other gaming fads in years previous, that rapid growth often does not take off and expand after the initial bid. Sometimes it does, Battle Royale games certainly did, but VR and AR aren’t the unstoppable new gaming platform that we thought they’d be only a few years ago.

However, if cryptocurrencies and blockchain are things you’re interested in, you might still want to give BitGuild a try. You can join the BitGuild portal here.

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